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The Wotnot, opened containting all Elemental Warriors.

I must admit I was skeptical of your abilities, but anyone who can pass the Trainer's test must be worthy of holding this... the Wotnot.

–Ortho to Kameo after completing the Trainer's tests.

The Wotnot Book or simply, Wotnot is an ancient book that contains the Elemental Warriors. It is used by Kameo on her quest to save her family.

The Wotnot is said to protect against the loss of Elemental Warriors for whoever possesses it.



The front of the book, reveals the wizard inside of the book, Ortho, pressing the A button will cause him to give you a hint on what to do with the current situation.

Elemental Warrior/Information Page

Upon opening the book, you will be taken to a page showing all of the current Elemental Warriors at your possession, with the empty squares representing the ones you haven't gotten yet, pressing the A button on any of the portraits of the Warriors will cause their Information Page to appear, here, you may upgrade any of their abilities, learn about their history, read about their abilities, or change their current skin.

Status Page

The last page of the book shows your current status on what you have, such as the Crystal Eyes collected, Ancestors rescued, the amount of Elixirs and Elemental Fruit you have gathered, and a Bonus menu.