Water Troll

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Aquua Troll.jpg
An Aqua Troll encountered within a cave, at the Mountain Falls.

Water Trolls, are a Elemental species of aquatic-like Trolls, they must first be splashed with some of Deep Blue's water before being able to be defeated by normal means. After wetting them, Chilla's grab and throw attack method is a very effective killing strategy.


Water Trolls appear to be transparent until wet by Deep Blue, they have pointy scales on webbed feet, and a fish-like face.


  • Two found infesting a home in Mountain Falls, trapping a villager (rewarded a large Elemental Fruit upon clearing them).
  • Multiple found throughout the Treasure Cave in Mountain Falls, two have small Elemental Fruits in their bodies, and drop them upon death.
  • Found as an add when fighting Thorn.
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