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"No mercy!"
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)
Appearances Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)
Attack method Punches, Kicks, use of weapon, fire bombs, shells, shields, etc
Weapon(s) Axes, Daggers, Shields, Fire bombs, etc
Life rating 40 - 200, (normal) 300 - 400 (Expert)
Spoils Hearts (health)
Avenge our brothers!

–Trolls, upon engaging Kameo.

Seen as foul-smelling brutes, Trolls were briefly allowed into the Enchanted Kingdom and access to fresh water and clean air, in exchange for their services and machinery, but were still mocked and discriminated against, due to their appearance and behaviour, often written off as stupid and brutish.

15 years ago, one of the biggest and smartest trolls began to rise among the ranks, becoming the self-proclaimed "Troll King" Thorn. He convinced the other trolls that they weren't being treated fairly and lead the other trolls into an uprising against the Enchanted Kingdom and tribal lands. They began stealing and causing damage, resulting in Solon returning to absolute chaos. Solon used the power of all the Elemental Warriors to drive them out of the Enchanted Kingdom. This caused Thorn to swear vengeance against Solon, and this lead to war. One day, both Solon and Thorn mysteriously vanished and rumour began to spread that both had died, leading to the troll disbanding and general peace in the lands.

However this peace is broken when Kalus finds and frees Thorn and strikes a deal with him: help her retake the throne in exchange for the Tribal Lands, which would again lead to another war ravaging the lands...


While most trolls can be seen wearing different helmets, masks, and eye-patches, their overall appearance is Green skin, yellow teeth, brown clothing, pointy ears, boots, and a deep, guttural voice.

Most trolls generally wear the same leather armor with a green symbol on the shoulder, however some may also wear helmets, masks, pots as helmets and even have peg legs or brandish weapons, like pick-axes and axes. Their heights can also vary as well, ranging from 6 feet or taller, but they always tower over Kameo, even though they slouch.


Elemental and Subspecies of Trolls


  • Some trolls are cowardly and will hide and run from Kameo
  • If enough points have been unlocked for the cheats, trolls can be changed to Traitors or Cowards
  • Trolls will sometimes call Kameo a "Fleshling."
  • When a troll flashes green, that means they're about to go into Berserker mode and throw themselves at Kameo. If she's hit, this will knock her over (regardless of what form) and take her a while to get up again.


Concept art for rock trolls

40 Below vs Regular Troll

Peg legged troll

Trolls attacking the Water Shrine