The Mystic, a well known Sargothan.

The Sargothans are a race of reptilian mystics. The Sargothans were the original keepers of the Elements of Power before it was stolen by the Elves. The elves killed most of their population and few remain.

The Mystic is the only known member of this race, and possibly the last surviving Sargothan. Though other Sargothans were intended to appear in the sequel, and it can be assumed that others survived the genocide.

During the Third Age, the current Queen used Pummel Weed to end an rebel uprising in Sargothan ruins. Whether these rebels were Sargothans or Elves is unclear.

At some point in the Twelfth Age, the current King found Snare in Sargothan ruins.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sarogthans were intended to appear as powerful enemies in the cancelled sequel.