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Old Ma'wood
Kameo EoP Beaten Old Mawood (Co-Op) achievement.jpg
Demonio Del Templo Bosque
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appearances Kameo: Elements Of Power
Location(s) Forgotten Forest - Forest Temple
Attack method Pummel Weed (Plant Bombs)

Rubble (Rock Launch)

Weapon(s) Leaves, Mouth, Roots
Life rating Uncle Halis
Effective weapon(s) Discarded Victim Trolls
Spoils Halis, Ash (Gift from Halis Upon Rescue)

Old Ma'wood is an ancient tree Demon residing in the Forest Temple. Old Ma'wood is the first true boss of the game following the Pummel Weed and Rubble Shadow Trolls and opening Troll Guard at Thorn's Castle in the game's prologue. Old Ma'wood contains ancestor Halis, Kameo and Kalus' young warrior uncle.

He is the guardian of the Forest Temple and deeply feared by Forgotten Forest Glade denizens.

The Elemental Warriors Pummel Weed and Rubble bring about its' demise.