"Ahh, your Major Ruin form can help you get up ramps and slopes, perfect for getting around this crumbling Castle!" - Ortho, explaining Major Ruin's use at Thorn's Castle

Major Ruin
El Cerdito De La Guerra
First appearance Kameo: Elements Of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements Of Power
Titles Kameo: Elements Of Power (2006)
Sex Male
Homeland Forbidden Forest
Hometown Cavern Nook
Kindred Elemental Warriors,

Elemental Sprites

Race Cerdito
Affiliations Elemental Warriors,

Elemental Sprites

Major Ruin is an armadillo-like creature with spikes on his back. Who portrays as a hedgehog type roll by turning into a ball and moving around at high speeds creating ruin and destruction where ever he goes hence his name Major Ruin. He is a earth elemental warrior.

Major Ruin's alternate skin can be purchased from the shopkeeper found in the north of Mountain Falls for 125 Runes.


In the Seventh Age of the Realm, Major Ruin's Elemental Sprite was located in the midst of a barren wasteland, where vegetation was scarce and water in short supply. Major Ruin's elemental powers ensured that cliffs stood firm against the tides and mountains pointed towards the heavens, keeping the towns and people who made their homes on these rocky peaks free from avalanches and other disasters. In battle, Major Ruin was able to pass through fire unscathed to reach his enemies - a common tactic of the Elves, who would trap their enemies in a circle of flame and use Major Ruin to deliver the finishing blow.



Bolder Rush Bolder Rush allows Major Ruin to jump across gaps and reach the top of curved ramps. Holding the Right Trigger will lock up Major Ruin and charge the move, and releasing it when charged enough will launch him forward.

Rock Hop


Razor-back: (costs 2 elemental fruit) With the Razor-back upgrade, Major Ruin grows a layer of spikes on his shell, which increase damage dealt to any enemies that brush against him. The spikes allow some enemies to get stuck to Major Ruin's shell and be bowled over.

Cyclone Spin: (costs 2 elemental fruit)

Hyper Cyclone Spin: (costs 3 elemental fruit)

Extra Edit

Spirit Up: (costs 1 elemental fruit) Increases the length of Major Ruin's spirit bar.

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