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First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power
Sex Female
Hometown Twycross
Kindred Theena, Halis, Yeros, Kalus
Race Elf
Age Unknown
Affiliations Royal Elves

Lenya is Kalus' and Kameo's aunt, as well as a member of the Royal Elven family. She is responsible for maintaining tribal relationships by overseeing parties and banquets. She is well known for making Pulpaberry cookies (a favourite of Kameo's) and has a generally jolly and uplifting personality.

Despite this, Lenya and the other ancestors would often put Kalus under extreme pressure to achieve perfection as the future heir of the Enchanted Kingdom. Whether she succeeded or failed, Lenya often made Kalus feel like she was never good enough and would often treat her terribly in favor of Kameo.

Once Lenya has been rescued from Corallis, she will reveal that Kameo is adopted while saying that Kalus' motivations are based solely on jealousy. This reveals that the royal family refuses to acknowledge the abuse and neglect they inflicted on Kalus for the past 16 years. She will then bestow Chilla to Kameo, before returning to the Enchanted Kingdom. She can be found in a gazebo on top of the waterfall, near the Warp Gate to Thorn's Pass.


  • The English voice actress for Lenya is Adjoa Andoh, and her Japanese voice actress is Kikumi Umeda.
  • In the XBOX version, Theena's rage almost results in Lenya being trapped in stone along with Meepo.
  • Lenya used to have wings in the XBOX version
  • Originally Lenya was captured by Lord Drok and held in a cage above the arena. In this version, she would sing instead of speak.
  • After the Elemental Stand incident, both sisters are locked in their rooms and Lenya brings Kameo some food while Kalus is left to starve.
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