Kameo Elements Of power Wiki
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power 2005
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power 2005
Titles Princess Kameo,

Bearer of the Element of Power, Your Highness, Future Queen,

Sex Female
Homeland Twycross
Kindred Terramus (grandfather)

Solon (father) Theena (mother) Halis (uncle) Lenya (Aunt) Yeros (uncle) Kalus (sister)

Race Elf
Age 16 years old
Affiliations Royal Elves

Twycross Tribe

I haven't yet begun to burn, but when I do, all that will be left of you is ashes.

–Kameo to Thorn.

Kameo is an elven princess and the protagonist of Kameo: Elements of Power. She is the 16 year old adopted daughter of Theena, the queen of the Enchanted Kingdom, and of King Solon. She is also the granddaughter of the Chieftain leader of the Twycross Tribe.

Physical Appearance[]

Kameo is a tan, physically active elf. She is often seen wearing tribal-themed attire but is more well known for her rather short skirt, two-piece shirt and the right forearm sleeve, all adorn in hues of green with tribal patterning. She wears a combination of gold and bone jewellery, along with leather knee-high boots and some golden bands in her hair, as well as a leather hip pouch to match.

Kameo Pose

Kameo's standard outfit, though definitely questionable for a 16 year old child to wear.

Kameo's main outfit consists of a two-piece tank top, a single sleeve on her right forearm and a very short skirt, all in different shades of green that are covered in tribal patterns. She often wears a leather hip pouch held together with a curved piece of bone as the center piece, along with matching leather knee-height boots. Kameo wears a solid-gold choker with a special pendant that has ties to the Twycross village. Her tiara holds the Element of Power, a precious red gem imbued with the power of the gods.

A curved golden band rest on Kameo's upper, right bicep. She also has very long red nails, as well as waist-length black hair that is tied back into a loose braid. A second, smaller braid is made with her left bangs. Kameo is rather tan and is very physically fit from spending a lot of time outside, engaging in sports and spending a lot of time sparring with Halis.

Kameo's wings are bluish-green in colour, with dark turquoise markings all over, imitating the pattern of a butterfly. White spots with pink edges can be seen near the edge of the wings, while three magenta lines can be seen near the start of the wing. The edges of Kameo's wings have a jagged, almost torn appearance..


Being both the youngest princess and of no blood-relation to Solon, the longest running tradition of the royal family is broken when Kameo receives the Element of Power, along with the throne to the kingdom. Hurt and betrayed by her mother's unfair judgement, Kalus decides to take the throne and the Wotnot back by force, even if that means releasing siding with the kingdom's worst enemy, the Troll King.

Kameo falls unconscious from the ceremony and is placed in the care of the palace aids, as Kalus flees the castle. She is followed by Theena, Lenya, Halis and Yeros but by the time they find Kalus, she has already freed Thorn who ambushes all of them but Kalus is the one to unleash her rage and pain on her family.

When Kameo wakes and hears what happened, she ignores Ortho's warning and rushes to Thorn's castle, fighting her way to the Throne Room before being Ambushed by Thorn as Kalus is striking her family with dark magic. Thorn hits Kameo so hard, that all of the 3 elemental sprites, Pummel Weed, Chilla and Major Ruin, are knocked out of her body and she collides with and bounces off a pillar, landing beside Theena.

Theena wakes to see Kameo unconscious, before glaring at Kalus and as Thorn raised his hands to deliver a fatal blow, Theena uses the last of her magic to teleport Kameo to the Palace gardens. She is then brought to The Mystic who uses all of her skill to bring Kameo back from the brink of death.

She is scolded by The Mystic for losing all 3 Elemental Warriors, before telling her to recover the Wotnot book, sending Kameo on her quest to rescue both her family and the Elemental Sprites from Thorn and Kalus.

Kameo is healed and awakens at the The Mystic's doorstep. She then gains the Wotnot book, and she goes on a quest to retrieve the Elemental Sprites and save her family from Thorn.

The Elemental Stand Incident[]

Two days before Kalus' ceremony, Kameo wonders into the room where Theena keeps the Element of Power on a stand after being drawn to it from a dream she had. Kameo has the urge to touch the gem and breathes on it before cleaning it on her sleeve.

Kalus enters and sees Kameo holding the Element of Power and yells at her, demanding to know what she is doing. Kameo tries to tell her that she was just checking on it but Kalus is too enraged and terrified to listen and shoves Kameo, causing her to step back. Kalus' foot gets caught in her own skirt and she trips a little.

Kalus bumped into the Element's stand, causing it to crash to the ground loudly. Kalus screamed while Kameo covers her mouth in shock as the Element hits the ground and slides across it.

Theena storms into the room and yells at both siblings but her rage is directed at Kalus, grabbing her arm really hard and demanding to know what she was doing. Kameo thinks that Theena is going to hit her but refrains and screams about her being irresponsible and how she feels she cannot trust Kalus.

Kalus tries to explain what happened however, Theena ignores her in her fit of rage.

Theena yells at both siblings to go to their rooms. She has to tell them twice as the two were in shock.

Kalus gives Kameo the fiercest glare she can muster, absolutely seething with jealousy.

When they both step into the hallway, Kalus starts crying and flies to her room as fast as she can before slamming her door.

Kameo is left feeling devastated and guilty about what she did.

After the incident with the Elemental Stand, Theena remains furious and decides(after some persuasion and a false vision from The Mystic) that Kalus is not fit to rule the Enchanted Kingdom and decides to pass the Element of Power onto Kameo instead.

She invites Kameo to her room to tell her this in private and forces her to accept the Element of Power. The moment she does this, Kalus enters and grabs Kameo's shoulder, spinning her around. Kalus is furious and says some heartbreaking words before flying off in absolute despair and rage of her mother's betrayal, causing Theena to chase after her.

More can be read from Kameo's Journal.



When on the ground, pressing the left trigger allows Kameo to jump slightly, and her wings will come into view, allowing her to move over the ground faster, and cross small gaps. This can also be used to avoid certain small, annoying enemies or specific ground hazards (such as some bug/spider enemies, or the electrified water when fighting Coralis)

Flip Kick[]

By pressing both triggers , Kameo can perform a flip kick with her legs, destroying smaller objects, and damaging enemies slightly.


Pressing the right trigger will make Kameo perform a small jump assisted with her wings.


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  • The voice of Kameo is Emma Tate.
  • Kameo's voice actress in the Japanese version is Romi Park.
  • In the official Manga, Kameo is only 12 years old.
  • It is implied from the podcast and manga that Kameo and Theena are from the same tribal village in the Twycross
  • On the official website, it states that Kameo was better at flying sports. Despite Kameo being well-known for exceeding in Elfin flying sports, in-game she can only hover and cross small gaps. Should the player try to cross a large, open chasm, they will quickly discover that Kameo's wings are not actually that strong as the young elf plummets to her death.
  • Kameo found her 'style' from pictures of the wilderness tribes in the Royal Library.
  • "I don’t know, really… I guess I was nosing around in the Royal Library and found some pictures of the wilderness tribes; you know, Elves that go into the deep forest to live with nature and the animals? I don’t know if I’d ever do that, but the clothes they wear and the designs they paint on their faces make them look so sleek and… natural. When I took the designs to the seamstress I kind of expected Mother to forbid me from wearing them – she only ever wears formal clothes, even when she’s alone – but she just sort of smiled and said they suited me. I guess even she was young once… let’s not think about that any more. It’s sort of creepy."
  • Kameo originally wasn't adopted but this plot changed in the XBOX version of the game. You can tell this detail by the fact that Theena, Halis, Lenya (and maybe Yeros in his younger years) all have black hair.
  • In the cutscene of Kameo riding an airship to reach Thorn's fleet, you can see her wearing her original white outfit.
  • In the promos for the game or artwork, you can see Kameo still has her XBOX design, since the Element of Power is missing from her tiara.
  • In the XBOX version of the game, the Element of Power was her pendant (which is often a source of confusion, since the manga portrays Kameo's pendant as the Element of Power as well) but it was later changed to be a gem in her tiara, as the game's opening helps clarify this issue very briefly in the opening cutscene with Theena.
  • Kameo used to be able to do more combat-focused moves herself instead of relying on the warriors. She could punch and kick but these were removed in favor of Kameo's flipkick.