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"Have you been to the Chamber of Living Portraits? Never liked the place, too boring for my tastes, but Solon always believed that history was important."
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power
Sex male
Homeland Twycross
Hometown Enchanted Kingdom (current residence)
Kindred Yeros (brother), Theena (sister), Lenya(sister), Kalus(Niece), Kameo (Niece)
Race Elf
Age 30-40
Affiliations Royal Elves

Halis is the Uncle of Kameo and Kalus, and one of The Ancestors whom Kameo must rescue.

When captured by Kalus, he is trapped inside Old Ma'wood in the Forest Temple, who is trying to force out the Elemental Sprite that he is holding.

After his rescue, Kameo laments about underestimating Thorn and being defeated as well as losing the Elemental Warriors so easily. Halis tells Kameo that she wasn't the first to misjudge him and explains about Solon making a pact with the trolls long before she was born and letting them into their lands, then driving them out when Thorn caused an uprising in Solon's absence.

He then gives Kameo Ash as a sign of his faith in her and returns to the Enchanted Kingdom, by opening the Forgotten Forest Warp Gate, which allows Kameo to take a shortcut between the two lands.

Once freed, he can be found under a gazebo in the gardens of the Enchanted Kingdom.


  • Halis is voiced by William "Bill" Hope.
  • The voice of Halis in the Japanese release is Haruo Sato.
  • Halis gives Kalus horse riding lessons.
  • Halis teaches Kameo hand-to-hand combat lessons.
  • A young Goblin can be found idolizing Halis and mentions that Halis will give him special training when he is older.