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The Flailer
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power
Titles Elemental Warrior,

Elemental Sprite

Homeland Ice Village
Hometown Snowy Mountains
Kindred Elemental Warriors,

Kameo, King Solomon

Race Elemental Warrior
Alternate form(s) Elemental Sprite Flex
Alternate form of Elemental Sprite Flex
Age Ancient
Affiliations Elemental Warriors,

Elemental Sprites

Flex is the seventh Elemental Warrior Kameo obtains, rescued from a Shadow Troll outside of Snow Top Village. His most notable role is that of utility, gripping onto blue, mouthed grapple points to traverse otherwise inaccessible terrain.

Flex's alternate skin is bought from the shopkeeper found on the second story of Snow Top Village for 150 Runes.


The King of the Twelfth Age was known for his avarice and eagerly collected the world's many treasures even as he searched for the Elemental Warriors. Hearing tell of a secret cavern full of smugglers' gold, the King and his warriors eagerly set out to claim whatever the cave contained as their own- ignoring warnings from nay villagers who believed the cave to be haunted. Reaching this hidden treasure cave, the King felt sure that he was not alone. Resolving that he and his warriors had nothing to fear, he pressed on In to the cave and discovered that the so-called haunting was actually an Elemental Sprite, the greatest treasure of all. Flex was restored to the Wotnot Book that day; his powers ensured that rain fell to water the grasses and feed the fertile crops.



Smack: With Smack, Flex will deliver a blow from his tentacles to the enemy-- a succession of blows will unleash his slap-down combo

Sucka Shot: For the most part, Sucka Shot is used to drag Trolls towards Flex, wrapped up in his tentacles. In certain cases, it will also allow Flex to grapple onto a distant target and haul himself towards it.

Flingshot: Flingshot will catapult a Troll that Flex is holding great distances, hurling it into Trolls or any other obstacles and dealing damage as a result.

Sucka Slam: When an enemy is held in Flex's tentacles, use of the Sucka Slam technique will stretch Flex high into the air. Coming down to earth with a spine-crunching bump, Flex pounds the helpless Troll against the ground.


Shocker: (costs 2 elemental fruit) Once charged, Shocker will deliver a killer blow of electricity to a foe in Flex's clutches, dealing it massive damage and filling the air with the smell of charred Troll.

Slapstorm: (costs 2 elemental fruit) The Slapstorm technique roots Flex to the spot, and allows him to stretch his form in all directions as he slaps wildly. Any enemies caught in this flurry of tentacle trauma will suffer heavy damage and be knocked away.

Super Shocker: (costs 3 elemental fruit) This upgrade to Flex's shocker technique, once acquired, will greatly decrease the time necessary to finish off a Troll. Performed in the same way as Shocker-- must have Shocker acquired before purchasing and using it.


Spirit Up: (costs 1 elemental fruit) Increases the length of Flex's spirit bar.

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