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"The Forest? It's not far. I'd take you, but Trolls are making a real mess trying to destroy the Elemental Shrines, and I'm committed to stopping them." - Farron upon first meeting Kameo.

Kameo Farron.gif
First appearance Kameo: Elements Of Power (2005)
Appears in Kameo: Elements Of Power (2005)
Titles Mysterious Masked Stranger
Sex Male
Homeland Unknown
Kindred Unknown
Race Elf
Age ??
Affiliations Elfin Army

Farron is a knight who has the job of protecting the Elemental Shrines. Not much is said about him, but he still plays a fairly large role in the story. He appears to have a high rank as knight, with a job that could easily let him allow the Enchanted Kingdom to fall unless he is trustworthy. He aids Kameo by giving her a stallion to traverse the Badlands with when she needed to go to the Forgotten Forest after leaving the Enchanted Kingdom. He is only talked to once, but is seen many times, mainly rearing his horse when Kameo is victorious in protecting the shrines.

A mysterious warrior, Farron commands the Elvin armies on the battlefields of the Badlands. Though he is a solid warrior, even his resources have been stretched thin by the constant fighting with Thorn's army. During the course of her quest, Kameo will find herself fighting alongside Farron and his men in order to ensure the safety of the Enchanted Kingdom.


  • The voice actor for Farron is John Kay Steel
    • His voice in the Japanese version is Kazuhiro Nakata
  • In the XBOX version of the game, Farron was originally called Cailem and was Kameo's biological brother. He was kidnapped by the trolls as an infant and brainwashed into believing he was a deformed troll. Due to this, he wears armor to hide his elfin features. This can be seen in the game's concept art through the magic mirror when the player unlocks it with a high enough score.
  • Many have theorized that Farron is Solon in disguise. This was debunked by the game's writer Chris Allcock.
  • If the player is too close, they can receive damage from Farron's sword.
  • Due to Farron being Cailem recycled, many have theorised that he is close to Kameo's age (16-17 years of age) but this is not confirmed in official sources.
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