Enchanted Kingdom

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Enchanted Kingdom
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First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power
Capital Elfin Palace
Government Elfin Family
Language(s) Elfin
Currency Runes
Dominant race(s) Elves,

Sargothans, Goblins

Demonym Elvian
Terrain Badlands
Climate Variations
Regions Elfin Castle,

Elfin Gardens, Dungeon Of Eternal Life, Chamber Of Living Portraits, Water Rise

The Enchanted Kingdom is the main setting for Kameo: Elements of Power, it is a magical kingdom full of various races and species of unique and odd creatures. Kameo is brought here by the Mystic.

Chamber of Living Portraits

Dungeon of Eternal Life

The Dungeon of Eternal Life is a dungeon located underneath the Kingdom where Trolls are imprisoned.

Mystic's Hut

Shadow Troll Portal

Throne Room

Typhoon's Home

The house of the scholar Typhoon.

Warrior Trainer's Hut

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