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The elves were not the nicest people.

Elves are the humanoid creatures found in a majority of the land, but mostly reside in the Enchanted Kingdom.

The elves are the most dominant species in the world of Kameo: Elements of Power, being powerful in both magic, as well as social status.

As the domination of the world by the Elves continued, they forced the Forest Goblins through hard labour to construct an Enchanted Kingdom which floated high above the land below, protected by a mighty shield. Nested among the clouds, this became home to the Royal Elves who still held and protected what was left of the Wotnot Book and the stolen Element of Power.

Kameo Podcast, Chapter 1


  • Currently there are 2 known regions that elves are found in, both the Enchanted Kingdom, and the Twycross Village.
  • Despite being called Elves, they are actually fairies but were called Elves to try and appeal to a more mature audience.
  • The Elves stole the Element of Power from the Sargothans and were punished by the Gods for doing so.