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Good grief, it's one of the fabled Crystal Eyes! I thought all of those had been destroyed, but for once I'm glad to be wrong!


Crystal Eyes are ancient crystal orbs with an eye symbol in the centre found throughout the game world. The Mystic has one for an eye, and there are four others found in the Enchanted Kingdom. When activated, these eyes give an advantage and a disadvantage to Kameo and her Elemental Warriors. They can be activated and deactivated at any time through the Wotnot.

Individual Eyes

Each crystal eye has it's own unique effects on the user. Whether each eye is one of a kind is unknown. All eyes collectable in-game have both an advantage and a drawback.

Eye of Restoration

Green in color, the Eye of Restoration allows the user to regenerate health, at the cost of slower regeneration of the spirit bar.

This eye is found under the rightmost seashell on the shore of the lake in the Enchanted Kingdom. It can be uncovered using Pummel Weed's Uprooter ability.

Eye of Spirit

Blue in color, the Eye of Spirit allow the Spirit Bar to refill faster than normal, but will decrease the user's defensive and offensive capabilities.

This eye is found in the Dungeon of Eternal Life in a chamber that can be accessed by lighting the wall torches with Ash's Fire Blast ability.

Eye of Protection

Purple in color, the Eye of Protection increases defensive power and causes nearby elves to take less damage, but decreases the offensive power of the user's attacks.

This eye is found in the middle tier of the Ancient Tower, which is off the Throne Room in the Enchanted Kingdom. Scaling the tower is possible after Major Ruin and Chilla have been recovered.

Eye of Strength

Red in color, the Eye of Strength increases the offensive power of the user, but impedes the user's ability to defend against damage.

This eye is found in the Chamber of Living Portraits held in a globe above a statue of Thorn in the center of the room. The statue can be destroyed with Thermite's Mortar ability once they are recovered, allowing access to the eye.

The Mystic's Eye

Purple in color, the Mystic's Eye allows the user to use divination to see past and future events in various locations, and also to communicate with others from massive distances. It is in the possession of The Mystic.

This eye is not obtainable in the game.


  • Ortho expresses surprise that the crystal eyes still exist, despite having seen The Mystic use her's before Kameo found the others.
  • The Mystic's Eye and Eye of Protection are both purple. They are the only eyes to share a color.