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"I see Corallis, most wicked Demon of the infinite depths" - The Mystic

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Sea Demon Of The Infinite Depths,

Demon of the Water Temple

First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appearances Kameo: Elements of Power
Location(s) Mountain Falls - Water Temple
Attack method Major Ruin,

Deep Blue

Weapon(s) Electric Tentacles
Life rating Lenya
Effective weapon(s) Electrical Tentacle Bulbs
Spoils Lenya, Chilla (Gift from Lenya upon rescue)

Corallis is an ancient demon appearing in Kameo: Elements Of Power which is the boss of the Water Temple.

He is a colossal jelly fish like creature with four long electrical tentacles pulsating with energy source orbs and possessing two slightly blind eyes.

He serves as the demon attempting to force the elemental sprite out of the Ancestor Lenya. This boss destroyed by Kameo using Major Ruin and Deep Blue.

Corallis along with demons Old Ma'wood and Queen Thyra are the only sentient beings strong enough to force out the elemental sprites of the Ancestors.


In the beginning of the battle Corallis emerges from a large center pool inside the water temple and then hovers around the edges of the center pool.


In phase one, Corallis will attempt to electrocute Kameo by firing an electrified beam at her, which also electrifies the ground. The electrified ground gradually drains Kameo's health unless Kameo hovers. The beam itself follows Kameo and does considerable damage once struck by it, but becomes less damaging with fewer orbs still functioning.

Kameo must use Major Ruin to propel a Boom Root Plant at Corallis over one of the four ramps to make him descend into the center pool into phase two. Once submerged, Deep Blue is then to enter the pool and use his Aqua Blaster torpedoes destroy the four orbs (100 health each, 25 damage per hit) on the ends of Corallis' tentacles.

After destroying one of Corallis' tentacles or waiting long enough, he will ascend out of the pool again - be mindful that touching Corallis' body does minor damage and stuns - to repeat phase one. He will also travel between the four ramps in a circular motion rapidly before settling again to be struck, but will still occasionally travel between ramps.


  • The first time Corallis submerges, two tentacles can be destroyed instead of one if Deep Blue is aggressive enough. So Corallis only needs to be submerged three times.
  • (particularly as Major Ruin) If you can afford - health-wise - to be struck by Corallis' beam, the beam will stop upon striking you, so the boss can be more rapidly submerged.
  • There are crates filled with hearts scattered around the perimeter of the arena if you are worried about health/



Kameo - Boss Battle

Aunt Lenya

Corallis possesses the ancestor Aunt Lenya within him (she is visible at his center as a reflection) and is attempting to force the elemental sprite of Chilla out.

Co-Op Quest

The battle of Corallis can re-done via Co-Op Quest as the defeat of the boss in the story unlocks the Mountain Falls Quest unlocked in Co-Op Replay.

Defeating Corallis in Co-Op Quest unlocks an achievement which features a picture of Corallis.