Kameo Battle Bonuses

The 3 types of Battle Bonuses.

Battle Bonuses
are score multipliers in Kameo, they determine the amount of points you'll get for dispatching an enemy, and in what way. And will also determine how many Battle Points will be awarded upon a kill.


To obtain the "Carnage" Battle Bonus, you must simply kill an enemy.


To obtain a "Brutal" battle bonus, you must dispatch an enemy, in a more gruesome or violent manner, such as tossing them off a cliff, using Pummel Weed's "Weedkill", impaling them on spikes, etc


To obtain the "Frenzy" Battle Bonus, you must defeat multiple enemies in a quick succession.

Methods to Obtain Brutal BonusesEdit

  1. Using Pummel Weed's "Weedkill" allows for a quick Brutal bonus in areas, it may have not been possible.
  2. Pushing or attacking an enemy off the cliff of an area.
  3. Using 40 Below or Chilla to freeze Trolls, and then smashing into them with Major Ruin.
  4. Pushing or throwing an enemy in deep pools of water.