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"I wonder why they call it the Badlands."

Map of the Badlands

The Badlands are the areas of land below the Enchanted Kingdom not occupied by any tribes. The Badlands are considered unsafe and have no population, though various abandoned huts show it once did. The Elemental Shrines are located in the Badlands where they protect the Enchanted Kingdom from threats.

The middle of the badlands has a large hill with a warp to the Dungeon of Eternal Life, and by extension, the Enchanted Kingdom. To the north is the entrance to the Mountain Falls, which is barricaded by rocks on arrival, most likely to keep out Trolls. To the east is the road to the Forgotten Forest Glade, and to the west is the entrance to the Snow Top Village. To the south is a massive gate leading to Thorn's Pass.

Many abandoned huts of Snow Top and Forgotten Forests style architecture are scattered around the Badlands. Some contain entrances to ruins which the Warrior Trainer often visits.