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The Fiery Dragon
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power
Titles Elemental Warrior,

Elemental Sprite

Sex Male
Homeland Unknown
Hometown unknown
Kindred Elemental Warriors
Race Elemental Warrior
Alternate form(s) Elemental Sprite, Ash
Alternate form of Elemental Sprite, Ash
Age Ancient
Affiliations Elemental Warriors,

Elemental Sprites

Ash is the third Elemental Warrior that Kameo obtains, and the first not obtained from a Shadow Troll. Kameo gets him from Uncle Halis after rescuing him from Old Ma'wood. He is a relatively small red dragon with small wings that can not support his size. He is not able to fly. Ash is used for close and medium range combat, as well as lighting dragon-head torches with his Fire Blast technique.

Ash's alternate skin is unlocked by travelling to the Dungeon of Eternal Life in the Enchanted Kingdom and lighting the dragon-head torches in the back to open the back door, and then the torches for the door on the right after heading through. His blue-green alternate skin is found in the middle of the room.



Fire Blaze By pressing and holding the left trigger, Ash spews out a medium range of fire from his mouth.

Fire Blast By pressing the right trigger, Ash launches out a fire ball. The Wildfire upgrade makes him spit out 3 fire balls instead of just 1. The fireball(s) can go a medium distance and even climb up walls. It is useful as a spam attack to deal lots of damage to a boss, as it has a very short cool down between each shot.


Inferno (costs 2 elemental fruit) An upgrade you can buy that lets Fire Blaze have a longer range.

Wildfire (costs 2 elemental fruit) An upgrade you can buy that upgrades Fire Blast to fire 3 fire balls instead of 1 when used.

Incinerator (costs 3 elemental fruit) The last fighting upgrade you can buy for Ash. It makes it so when you press both the left trigger and the right trigger at the same time, Ash creates a circle of fire with swirling fire all around it and any enemies nearby get sucked in and fly off into the air making it an instant death.


Spirit up (costs 1 elemental fruit) Increases Ash's spirit bar.

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