40 Below
229760-40below large
The Rolling Bladeball
First appearance Kameo: Elements Of Power
Appears in Kameo: Elements Of Power
Titles Elemental Warrior,

Elemental Sprite

Sex Male
Homeland Snowy Mountains
Hometown Snow-Top Village
Kindred Elemental Warriors,

Kameo, King Solon

Race Snowman
Age 8,000,000
Affiliations Elemental Warriors,

Elemental Sprites

40 Below looks like a snowman with a snowball for his legs and feet. He can freeze trolls and throw spiky snowballs at them. He is the 8th element warrior to rescue from the Shadow Trolls. As an Ice element warrior he is weak to Fire.

40 Below is able to traverse on special ice paths that are translucent and not solid when Kameo is not transformed into 40 Below. Also, he is able to see and destroy hidden ice chests that cannot be detected by other warriors or Kameo herself.

40 Below's alternate skin is found in a cupboard of a hut in the western region of the Badlands.

History Edit

The Queen of the Thirteenth Age, though blessed with kindness, was fated to take the throne for but a few years before her body succumbed to the ravages of illness. In her brief reign she was credited with many good deeds, the most noble of which saw her venture out alone in a snowstorm. Whilst attending a summit in a tribal village, the Queen overheard the distressed mutterings of the child's family, and would hear no argument - she braved the ravaging weather with her Elemental Warriors and returned triumphantly with the child held safe in her arms. In gratitude, the villagers revealed to her a long-held secret... an Elemental Sprite which they had safeguarded through the generations. The sprite was, in fact, 40 Below - the warrior whose magic kept the ice at bay in spring and ensured a cleansing winter.

Abilities Edit

Basic Edit

Frostbite: Frostbite will leave an enemy out in the cold; the technique allows 40 Below to deliver an icy blast from his mouth which damages any Trolls in reach.


Wrecker Ball:

Advanced Edit

Snow Blower: (costs 2 elemental fruit)

Snow Roller: (costs 2 elemental fruit)

Icequake: (costs 3 elemental fruit)

Extra Edit

Spirit Up: (costs 1 elemental fruit) This upgrade increases the length of 40 Below's spirit bar by 50 percent.

Trivia Edit

  • 40 Below is far more dense than normal as he falls more rapidly than other Elemental Warriors, such as Major Ruin.
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